Community Work

Reparations centered towards Black + Indigenous People are central to my healing arts practice as well as my ancestral remembrance and healing practice.

Currently, I make monthly reparation payments to the following:


As Dakota people, we consider Minisota Makoce (Land Where the Waters Reflect the Skies) to be our ancient homeland and we were the first human beings to call this place home. Yet, in the last two centuries, Dakota people were systematically dispossessed of our homeland and we currently reside on about .01 % (about one-hundredth of one percent) of our original land base within the borders of what is now the State of Minnesota. As a consequence, the vast majority of our people still live in exile.


The Makoce Ikikcupi project seeks to bring some of our relatives home, re-establish our spiritual and physical relationship with our homeland, and ensure the ongoing existence of our People. Our cultural survival depends on it.

School of Liberation Healing and Medicine:

Toi Scott is the Founder of the Herbal Freedom School + the Author of Queering Herbalism