Introduction to Practices


My great great great great grandfather, Isak Vilhelm Erickson Brommer, was an herbalist and a medicine-maker born in Sweden who traveled throughout the Norwegian countrysides selling his medicines made from roots, barks, + berries. We all have herbalists in our lineages as being in relationship with plant medicine is part of all of our ancestral lineages, if we go back far enough (some of us must go back farther than others).

Herbal medicine offer us powerful opportunities for working with plants & seeing what they have to teach us. Plants can help us to survive, to thrive, to heal, to overcome, for self care, & for supporting ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Whether looking for preventative care or herbal allies for a current or ongoing imbalance, a unique blend of herbs in a variety of forms can be created with your needs in mind. Learn more about the different types of herbal consultations I offer over in the Book Online section.


Each of us have all of the 8 planets, the Sun, the Moon, and many more celestial bodies resting in a particular sign in a particular house in our charts. And all of our charts contain all 12 signs and all 12 houses (at least in the whole signs house system I practice within).

An astrology reading can help you to understand the particular blessings + challenges you've been gifted (or perhaps chosen for yourself) in this lifetime.

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves, our relationships, and the worlds within + around us. It can help us to reflect on our personal + collective öorlog (inherited cultural patterns / past precedent) in service of weaving more healing justice + liberation into the web of wyrd.




Please note all in-person bodywork sessions are currently on pause due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral bodywork is an opportunity for the body to rest + heal while being held + witnessed. It is a somatic healing tradition & practice that supports the bones, the fascia, the connective tissues, & the natural, subtle rhythms & movements of the cerebrospinal fluid on a cellular level. This is practiced through deep listening & the application of light touch & holds wherever there is restriction and tension. It can be helpful for noticing & shifting patterns, working with our own personal & generational traumas, & can also support the body to heal from acute and/or chronic pain or injury. I have experienced craniosacral bodywork as deeply transformative as well as relaxing.


At times bodywork can make us feel worse when we begin. This is because many of us are walking around disassociated from our bodies. With time we can build resiliency and skills to live in greater awareness of and in deeper relationship with our bodies, the bodies around us, and the body of the collective. Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual support, this somatic practice can be incredibly beneficial!

Please note all in-person bodywork sessions are currently on pause due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy, also referred to as "sucking" involves the use of suction​ on the body in order to draw old & stagnant blood, energy, toxins, & metabolic waste out of the soft tissues & up to just below the skin so that the body can clear it out. 

A very limited list of benefits include:

  • improving eliminative function & stimulating essential metabolic processes & self healing (for example liver & gastrointestinal tract function)

  • improving blood & lymph circulation

  • releasing pressure of haematomas in acute physical injuries / sports injuries, & reduces tightness in swellings & inflamed tissues

  • relieving pain, swelling & inflammation in acute & chronic musculoskeletal disorders – such as back & joint pain, lumbago, arthritis, etc - even years after a physical trauma

  • can help to ease chronic mental tension, anxiety, & stress

  • it also feels great!