Grandmothers Gardens


In the spirit of belonging ourselves to the land + to each other, + in response to the racial capitalism of our time, we are growing, tending, + redistributing fresh, medicinal plants in the Twin Cities to Black, Indigenous, + other black and brown community/accomplices this summer.⁣

We envision a magical mycelium of medicine gardens to tend to our collective nervous systems.
Creating pathways to intersect + exchange nourishment + information.
Trusting the plants to tend + hold us.⁣

Our grandmothers + grandkin across space, time, + lineages offered us this vision. Specifically, our Great-Grandmothers Ivy + Viola, both names of medicinal plants also under the guise of weeds. It is in honor of them that we offer this care work + mutual tending project. We hope to sow seeds of sacred reciprocity, abundance, + pleasure as we weave this collective care web.⁣ ⁣

As a spell, on the Aries New Moon we planted more seeds than we had space for.
Slowly we gathered the plant babies, trusting space + supplies would reveal themselves.

We, Corenia + cheré, are 2 local herbalists reaching towards each other + out to our communities amid the on-going militarized police occupation of Dakhóta land, (Minneapolis) in the aftermath of both Daunte Wright + Winston Smith’s murders.⁣

We currently co-manage 3 main medicinal herb garden plots:

  • one at Frost Iron Training

  • one in each of our backyards, located in South Minneapolis + Columbia Heights.

In the 2021 growing season, we are collectively tending to:

  • over 100 individual plant babies comprised of

  • 33+ varieties of medicinal herbs +

  • dozens of native seeds

​How to support + help sustain this project:

  • ​Have access to fresh herbs ready for gathering + want to redistribute them as part of this project?


  • Want to help cover the costs of garden-tending, gathering, + redistribution efforts?

       Venmo @reresuzette

*Please note: as of August 18th, herbs are primarily being grown + gathered for water protectors at the Stop Line 3 Resistance Camps.